Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jerry Hingle's Favorite Spring Activities

Lordy Lordy how time does fly!

My good and gentle readers, spring is upon us. April just began and I've already seen both showers and flowers. The highways are lined with reds, yellows and of course blues (bonnets for good ol' Texas). Already people are predicting a hot summer, but I say why stick our nose in the future when we can just enjoy the now?! Yes, let's stop thinking about how hot the summer is going to be and instead focus on what a beautiful spring it is. And personally, spring and autumn are the best seasons here in Austin, Texas. Spring is the time for Jerry Hingle, as well as many Austinites, to dig up his shorts, flip flops, and silk shirts out of the closet. People seem to be more cheerful in the spring time. After the last cold front has blown past us, and warm weather settles in, Austinites begin to show more smiles (and more skin at that).

So if you're in the area and you're looking for some fun Spring activities, here are my favorite Austin spots:

Zilker Botanical Garden
Of course, I have to include this. When I visited last year it was a dry, hot, and sad excuse for a garden. Now that we've had a lot of rain, it should be covered with beautiful exotic flowers.

The Green Belt
If you're the hiking type, hike down the Green Belt and be sure to pack some food with you. I like to take Peanut with me if I'm  not planning on hiking (he's too much of a prince to hike that far). Instead, we sit by the stream, eat snacks and bask in the sun.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
There is a fee, but it's completely worth it as long as the flowers are in bloom, and let me tell you they ARE!

The Oasis 
Alright, be forewarned, the food sucks. But the view is amazing! The view is probably the only thing sustaining that friggin restaurant. However, Jerry Hingle has a plan for ya'll : eat before and drink when you're there. Sip a beer or a margarita and enjoy the view! Simple as pie.

Alright folks, that about wraps up my favorite spots for warm weather fun. Check em out and let me know how it goes!



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