Friday, July 20, 2012

Jerry Hingle's First Week on the Road

It's been a week since I've been on the road and I can't tell you enough how much I needed this. Peanut and I are having a blast, and we miss Oz very much. Hopefully she is holding down the fort and not terrorizing my sister too much!

Oh my what a beauty it's been driving through the southwest. I've been doing a ton of sketches: sunsets, adobe houses, old ladies stitching baskets together--the people watching scene here is perfect. I eat whenever I want, sleep whenever I want, and I can literally sketch anything I want. All I have to do is stop on the side of the road and pull out some paper. The food here is delicious, if you go to the right spots. Sure I had some sorry burritos, but the New Mexican cuisine is amazing. It's much different from what we think of as Mexican food. They love their green hot sauce, and they do it splendidly.

The people here are great too. Having such an adorable dog like Peanut makes it easy for people to approach me and ask if they can pet him. Of course they can, and he makes for great conversation. But while these people are most interested in Peanut, I am most curious about their lives. What do they do, how long have they lived in New Mexico, do they like living in the desert? Some say yes, some say no, but most are content. My favorite part of being an artist is people watching and learning about them. I believe a true artist can never detach himself from society--art is in society. And it's been a pleasure learning about art in this way.

But enough about that! Jerry Hingle doesn't wanna get too deep on ya'll! I'll update you again on my adventures when I get to Arizona.

-- Jerry Hingle 

Monday, July 9, 2012

How Jerry Hingle Passes the Time on Road Trips

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been busy writing fiction as well as getting ready for my big road trip! I depart this Saturday - where has the time gone?!

With the big road trip coming up, I decided to dedicate this blog entry to finding ways to pass the time on the road.  Let's face it, Peanut isn't the greatest at conversation, so I need some help staying awake as I cruise on the highway. Here are my top 5 things to do if you're traveling alone:

1. Listen to an Audio Book
That's fairly obvious, but it's quite a life saver (if the book you choose is exciting). Road trips are no time to catch up on Aristotle or Nietzsche. That will put you to sleep for certain, and you're likely to wake up on the side of the road in a ditch (if you're lucky!) Instead, I like to listen to a mystery book or love story. My favorite series to listen to has to be Janet Evanovich's "One for the Money" series. It's packed with humor, mystery, and some love. It keeps my imagination and my engine running.

2. Counting Game
Make it a point to count things that you see on the road. Red cars? Trucks? Deer? Skunks? Anything that will keep your eyes open and looking for something. Punch Buggy is a good game to play, but I can't punch Peanut too much or he will nibble my face off!

3. Sing!
Put on your favorite jams and sing your lungs out. No one is there to hear you or make fun of you! Peanut will occasionally join in by howling (if my pitch is off) but he certainly doesn't have any sarcastic comments to jab me with. And for Pete's sake, don't pick an artist like Death Cab for Cutie that will depress and sedate you. My favorite picks are Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Adele. They're the kinda singers that make you want to belt out songs along with them. 

4. Learn a new language
This is incredibly useful and effective. Is there a language you've been wanting to learn? Pop in the C.D and conquer that subjunctive in a matter of hours. I'll be packing my Spanish C.Ds to prepare myself for the Southwest. Voy a ser un experto en Nuevo Mexico!
5. Write!
You might be thinking "but Jerry Hingle, writing on the road is dangerous!" It's only dangerous if you insist on actually writing with your hands and not your voice. I'm going to pack my audio recorder and record my novel's next couple of chapters. I'll feel as epic as Sarah Connor, speaking into her recorder as she drives off away from civilization and into the desert.

Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments!

--Jerry Hingle