Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jerry Hingle's Favorite Ways to Stay Cool

Good afternoon, readers!
It sure is hot outside here in Austin, Texas. The Statesman says that the National Weather Service says:

"The forecast for Central Texas promises a partly sunny and hot day, with a high of 94 that could feel more like 98, the National Weather Service said."

It feels like 98? Well if you're a drama king like I am, it's gonna feel more like 108. That's darn near hotter than hell! Now I haven't been around these parts very long, but I've experienced a hot summer in ATX before, so I can tell you the secrets to keeping cool in this weird city.

1. Bananarchy
Awesome name. Awesome desserts. Bananarchy has made a spot for itself right off of South 1st street in Central Austin. They've got the most amazing frozen bananas--perfect for a hot day like today. Cover yours in chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, nuts, candy, sprinkles--whatever your overheated heart desires. Tell em' Jerry Hingle sent you.

2. Krause Springs
After you've dipped a frozen banana in chocolate, dip yourself into Krause Springs. The water is all-natural, freezing, and so refreshing.  This is actually outside of Austin, Texas, but the short drive is worth it. Krause Springs is located in Spicewood, Texas just 45 minutes outside of Austin. Head out on 71 and you'll be there in no time.

3. Austin Museum of Art
You're probably thinking--what the heck does art have to do with staying cool? Two words--air conditioning. Art has to stay cool otherwise the quality is compromised! If you're looking for something to do indoors and away from the heat, check out this underrated museum. It's  only 5 dollars to get in, and you'll have plenty of art to gaze at while your skin takes a break from the unrelenting sun.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Jerry Hingle's New Project

Hello readers,
On this gray Friday morning as I sipped my green tea and read over the news headlines (from the Onion, of course) an idea popped into my head. I've always been partial to writing, but my experience thus far has lead me down the non-fiction path. I usually write about my life and its occurrences, and of course my beloved city. I love writing about Austin and Peanut, but what if I try my hand at fiction?

I know you must be thinking, "but Jerry Hingle, we love reading about your life!" Not to worry, dear readers, I'll continue to contribute to this blog. My fiction will be contained to old notebooks and a special doc on my laptop.

The bigger question at hand is what type of fiction to craft? Shall I write the next great American novel? A movie script? A sitcom? A short story? A novella? An opera?

I still have some contemplating to do, so I shall continue to sip my green tea and think about this more thoroughly.

Have a great Friday, readers!

--Jerry Hingle