Monday, March 19, 2012

Jerry Hingle's SXSW Tips (For Next Year)

Good afternoon folks, 
I had myself a great week at South-by-Southwest (SXSW). However, I am still dead tired from it. Anyone who does south-by correctly will know that by the end of the week, your liver and feet will be exhausted. If you don't know about this gigantic festival/convention, I am here to give you the scoop. 

Sure, it sounds glamorous and exciting at first, but know that if you're not willing to spend money for your south-by experience, you will be spending time. Lots and lots of time...waiting in line. Jerry Hingle doesn't have too much money in the bank, so there I was, waiting in line for all the freebies I could get. I waited in line for the bus, I waited in line for wristbands and free badges, I waited in line for free food, free t-shirts, and I waited in line for free booze. Sure it's worth it once all is said and done. 

Now, most of the free shows require you to RSVP for admittance. Every once in a while you will might get lucky and rsvp for a venue with an awesome lineup, but it's hit or miss. And remember, south-by is about discovering new music and new talent, so don't be so quick to dismiss what could be a good band just because they're unheard of. Here are all the events I RSVPed to, and I'm more than positive they will be hosting again, so keep this saved if you're planning to do south-by next year. 

RSVP for it all! (This is a nice little site that will RSVP you to tons of events in case you're not sure where to start)  

So there you have it. Oh and there's always free shows at Auditorium Shores across the bridge. This year the Shins, Counting Crows, and the Cult played. Who knows who will be there next year?! :-D 

Later folks, Jerry Hingle is gonna nap for about 3 days straight now.  


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