Friday, March 2, 2012

Jerry Hingle's Summer Vacation Idea

Good morning, gentle people!
I was surfing Pinterest just yesterday and my eyes were met with vacation destination pictures galore. The seas of Greece, mountains of Colorado, Pyramids of got my heart pumping and yearning for a good summer vacation. I can't travel internationally, because I don't quite have my passport just yet. :( However, there are loads of beautiful places I can visit in the U.S! Maybe Jerry Hingle will just pack up all his things and set out for a good long road trip!

Or, maybe not...

As I ponder over places that are worth my time and money, the Grand Canyon immediately comes to mind. I've seen it when I was small, but I don't quite think I appreciated its beauty. Now that I am older and a working artist, perhaps this is just what I need to get inspiration. idea is now forming in my mind...I shall take a month long road trip and drive through the Southwest United States. There are so many destinations that are perfect painting spots! The painted desert, Santa Fe, Carlsbad Caverns, the mountains, and of course the majestic Grand Canyon.

I'm so excited just thinking about it. Peanut and I, cruising along the southwest with the windows rolled down, and the taste of freedom (and some bugs) in our mouths...its perfect! No one will be there to bother me or tell me that we need to press on. If I want to stop and paint, I shall!

Guys, Jerry Hingle has some planning to do. Gotta buy a tent and all that.
Stay fresh!

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