Friday, February 17, 2012

Jerry Hingle's Weekend Plans

Hello world,
Had me a rough week...I've been plugging away at work and now it's time to play. I think I'm gonna spend the weekend hitting all my favorite Austin joints.

1. Sixth Street
Yup, after a long week this shall be my first destination. If you're down there, I recommend Maggie Mae's (sure it's a little cliche, but on the weekend 3 floors open up and it has live music). After I get some cheap two dollar beers, I shall head to west sixth to finish the night with class.
2. Juan in a Million
Best breakfast tacos...ever...
3. Gourdoughs
When you've had a long week like I have, you need to stock up on carbs and insane combinations of donut toppings. There's no better place to do so than Gourdoughs. It's the best food cart to go to if you have a sweet tooth. Huge fried doughnut + bacon + maple icing=heaven.
4. Shoal Creek Park
After chowing down on fatty doughnuts, I'm gonna need to walk it off, so I'll head down to the park with Peanut for a nice skip or a jog. For all you dog lovers, this is an off-leash dog area, so your canine companions can roam freely.
5. Shady Grove
I'm feeling the need to get my Hippie Chick I'll head down to Shady Grove for a delicious Hippie Chick sandwich. It's got eggplant, chicken, pesto, bell peppers, arugula...I really must mouth is watering.

And that's all folks! If you're at any of these spots this weekend, give ol' Jerry Hingle a holler.

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