Friday, October 26, 2012

Jerry Hingle's Guide to Halloween in Austin

Howdy folks,
This weekend is Halloweekend here in Austin and you know what that means...forget sleeping. You can sleep when you're dead! Now is the time to grab your costume that you've been working on all year (or all night) and show it off. I'm not sure what I'm going to be yet...I've got two costumes up my sleeve. I might just rock both of em on Friday and Saturday. And I'm not quite sure where I'm going yet...this is typical of Austinites. But if you're not a typical Austinite and don't want to just "wing it" when the time comes, follow my tricks and treats for having an awesome time in Austin on Halloween. Here's all the stuff you can do:

1. Dogtober Fest
This was last weekend, but it's good to take note for next year. This event keeps getting bigger and bigger as word spreads. Located in the Domain, this event is all about your canine friends. There are costume contests, booths, snacks, some dancing, and lots and lots of dog watching. This is heaven for those of you with a weakness for dressed up pups. Feast your eyes on the cutest canines as they gnaw at their costumes.

2. 6th Street Pub Crawl
6th street seems to be the biggest attraction on Halloween and Halloween weekend. Basically, thousands of people gather on 6th street and walk up and down to see different costumes, take pictures with costumes they like, and (if they can get in) sit at a bar and costume watch. It's become an unofficial Parade of Weirdos, you might say. Come down and people watch if you can, but you'll need to get here early if you expect to actually sit at a bar. Or, you can purchase tickets for drink specials..I'm not sure how it works, but visit Pub Crawl Austin for more info.

3. Halloween Balls Galore!
There are a ton of Halloween Balls popping up all around Austin as people begin to realize that 6th street is just not big enough for the whole town. Instead, people are resorting to awesome Dances and Balls where's there are guaranteed drinks, dancing, and costume watching.  Of course you have to pay admission, but believe me, after a few years of inching your way through 6th street, this is a great alternative.
Haunted Halloween Ball
Jared's Halloween Party
The Zombie Ball (An Austin favorite)
Hell: A Halloween Ball  
Austins Monster Ball 

4. Thriller Dance Party
Hosted by Ballet Austin, this is a really cool event where you learn how to dance Thriller. If you wear a costume, you get $12 bucks off! It's also hosted on Halloween night, so if you gotta work the next day (like most of us) then this is a good home by 10pm kinda party.

5. Vintage Circus Halloween Party 
Sounds creepy already. There's not too much info out there on this, but it's on Halloween night and it's located at the East Side Showroom. If you decide to go to this, let us know about it in the comments. I'd love to hear what it's about. 

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